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At the last meeting of the ITI Germany, the two members of the Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV Alexander Stillmark and Bettina Sluzalek re-elected to the Board or elected.

Portrait Heidrun Adler by Almuth Fricke and Kati Röttger “30 años en América Latina dedicados al teatro: Homenaje a la traductora e investigadora Alemana Heidrun Adler” (in Spanish).

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Welcome to the new version of our website

The theater and media society Latin America eV was 1988 founded by playwrights, translators and theater scientists in Stuttgart. The objective is the intercultural mediation work between the theater and media scene of Latin America and the German-speaking world.

The theater and media society Latin America eV website is monthly updated. We are pleased about all sent information that might interest our users. Please update your bookmarks (Bookmarks), as the site links have been partially changed.

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Online catalog of Latin American Plays in German translation

One objective of the Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV is the exchange and dissemination of Latin American drama in the German-speaking countries. This catalog covers almost 200 translated into German plays from Latin America. He is regularly updated. Our online catalog offers a variety of search functions: It can be searched by country of origin, authors, original titles, German titles and translators.

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Projects of Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV

Here we inform you about the activities and current projects of the Theatre and Media Society Latin America. From time to time we organize with different partners symposia, conferences and seminars. We present our publications in staged readings and co-produce the staging of dramatic texts from Latin America.

Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV

Executive board:

Prof. Dr. Kati Röttger (Chairman)
Dr. Heidrun Adler
Dr. Uta Atzpodien
Almuth Fricke

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The theater and media company introduces itself

World politics and cultural policies go often hand in hand. Reacts but our interest in “foreign cultures” often directly to current conflicts. The hotspot here, the anniversary because then follow unique exhibitions and festivals, mostly without wider resonance.

Intercultural working against the trend

This trend continues the “Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV” Since 1988, a continuous cultural cooperation with theater professionals from Latin American countries opposed. The private initiative founded by translators, dramaturges and theater scientists wants to make intercultural mediation work and bring the theater of Latin America in Germany this week.

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