Online catalog of Latin American Plays in German translation

One objective of the Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV is the exchange and dissemination of Latin American drama in the German-speaking countries. This catalog covers almost 200 translated into German plays from Latin America. He is regularly updated. Our online catalog offers a variety of search functions: It can be searched by country of origin, authors, original titles, German titles and translators.

Please note that any communication to the public of a work Copyright protection exists. Where indicated maintains a theater publisher the rights of the German translation. Otherwise, the rights belong to the translators and authors of the pieces.

If you are interested in any of these texts, please contact directly to the publisher. A collection of German Stage publishers can be found for example in the handbook for authors in Uschtrin publisher or the Association of German Publishers stage.

If the rights are not owned by a German publishing stage, you can contact the office of the Theatre and Media Society record, we’ll be happy to mediate.

Many of these texts are also in our series Theatre in Latin America published.