The theater and media company introduces itself

World politics and cultural policies go often hand in hand. Reacts but our interest in “foreign cultures” often directly to current conflicts. The hotspot here, the anniversary because then follow unique exhibitions and festivals, mostly without wider resonance.

Intercultural working against the trend

This trend continues the “Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV” Since 1988, a continuous cultural cooperation with theater professionals from Latin American countries opposed. The private initiative founded by translators, dramaturges and theater scientists wants to make intercultural mediation work and bring the theater of Latin America in Germany this week.

Although virtually every country in Latin America has a long, lively and socially effective theatrical tradition, is precisely the theater a more vulnerable “cultural imports”. Compared to the literature, the visual arts or music it finds difficult to promoters on the international art market. Not least due to the high costs associated with its transport.

But the drama of Latin America is in Germany so far, unlike the prose of an Isabel Allende or Gabriel García Márquez as good as gone unnoticed. Publishers agree reluctantly willing to take Latin American plays in their program. Even more rarely reach the pieces on the German stage for the performance.

A variety of activities
this trend will counteract the Theatre and Media Society Latin America. Its many activities include conferences and meetings, translations and book publications, Festival discussions, readings, seminars, exchange of theater texts and radio manuscripts to publishing houses, theaters and broadcasters; theaterwissenscahftliche research and teaching activities and the establishment of a specialized library on Romani tables Institute of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Competence and convincing
projects, the Company is not institutionally supported. She is alone rely on the expertise of its members and the persuasiveness of their projects to find funds for the realization of their projects. Partners were previously the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the House of World Cultures in Berlin, the Dramatic Society, the Iberoamerican Institut Berlin, theaters and broadcasters, universities, publishers and theater magazines.

A Final Word
We can speak only about the theater as we know it. In Latin America there are all theater: Free Theatre, dedicated Theater, National Theater, challenging theater, theater … Attractions and a very interested theater audience. We think it is worthwhile to talk about this theater. And we are committed to ensuring that the theater in Latin America is a part of “our discourse” about the theater.

Prof. Dr. Kati Röttger, chairman of the Theatre and Media Society Latin America eV